CEIEC organizes the first Datathon for students in the Computer Science Degree

During last 19th of October, CEIEC with the support of Avanade company organized a Datathon for the students in the Degree of Computer Science. The main objective was to introduced them in the world of Data Scientist. The opening was made by CEIEC’s head, Álvaro García Tejedor. Then talks by Javier Morales (also lecturer at UFV) and Javier Ochoa from Avanade were delivered. After that, Alberto Nogales (lecturer at UFV and researcher at CEIEC) taught a course titled Python for Data Scientist.
After this introduction, the challenge was introduced to the students. It consisted of developing an original use case making use of a dataset storing information about accidents in the UK. Finally, after 5 hours of work it was decided to give the first prize to the group formed by: Daniel Lopez Bustillo, Guillermo Pio de Escudero, Pablo Novoa López y Santiago Puertas Puchol. Thanks to all participants, see you in the next event.

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