Open Positions


Job description

We are looking for a lecturer/researcher in Deep Learning. He will integrate into a team currently composed of researches and professors of the Polytechnic School. His research activity will include the achievement of research objectives, publication of results in journals with impact (it is expected to obtain sexennials on a regular basis) and the achievement and participation in competitive R & D + i both national and European. He is expected to participate in the transfer of results through competitive projects of university-company collaboration at national or European level.

He will teach in degree or master courses in the area of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Data Mining. He may also teach other courses not directly related to these topics. He will also supervise CEIEC interns and mentor them during their final bachelor’s project.

We offer a fulltime, indefinite contract subject to the fulfillment of multi-annual objectives agreed between the management of the Center, the dean of the Polytechnic School and the Researcher and a trial period of 1 year.

Desired skills and experience

PhD (in Computer Science but also Engineering, Physics or Maths) with experience in Cognitive Computing research or nearby areas within the AI and with accredited knowledge (thesis and / or publications with JCR> 3) in several of the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence:

    • Machine learning

    • Deep Learning & Neural Networks

    • NLP / treatment of real texts

    • Image / video / text processing

  • Mass data processing (as a tool applicable to AI systems)

    • Big Data / Data Mining

    • Statistical analysis

  • Python language programming

  • Cognitive SW platforms / tools / environments (TensorFlow, Torch, Theano, CNTK, etc.) and other Scientific Python libraries(Scipy, Sklearn…)

  • Cognitive application lifecycle methodologies

  • Ability to communicate effectively internationally with excellent level of Spanish and English (essential).

Send your CV to our contact email address.