Open Positions

Job description

We are looking for a researcher in Deep Learning techniques to join the CEIEC team made up of professors and researchers from the Polytechnic School.

His research activity will include the achievement of research objectives, publication of results in journals with impact (it is expected to obtain six-year terms on a regular basis) and the achievement and participation in competitive national and European R&D+I projects. It is expected to participate in the transfer of results through university-company collaboration projects at national or European level as well as the establishment of collaboration networks with other centers. It will propose a planning of both basic and applied research activity to achieve the objectives set by the Center in the short and medium term and will collaborate in the setting of long-term objectives.

The contract includes undergraduate or master's degree teaching in subjects related to the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Data Mining. He may also be required to teach in other subjects. He will supervise CEIEC interns (final year students who carry out research assistance tasks) and will supervise and mentor them during their final bachelor’s project.

Desired skills and experience

Degree in Engineering or Physics or Maths with a doctorate in neuronal computing, although a PhD in other Computer Sciences related areas will be valued. Alternatively, being close to defending your thesis will be appreciated.

With research experience and with accredited knowledge (projects and/or publications indexed in JCR) in the following areas:

  • Deep Learning, neural architectures and their implementation using Keras and cognitive SW libraries/environments (TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.)
  • Experience in Linux/Windows development in Python and Bash as well as other scientific Python libraries (Scipy, Sklearn ...)
  • Natural Language Processing knowledge will be valued: automatic generation (NLG), automatic translation (MT), automatic summarization, knowledge representation (NLU), seq2seq neural architectures (Transformer, BERT, etc.) and tools in the area (Moses, OpenNMT, StanfordNLP, etc.)
  • Ability to communicate effectively at an international level with a high level of English (essential).


We offer a fulltime, indefinite contract subject to the fulfillment of multi-annual objectives agreed between the management of the Center and the Researcher with a 1-year trial period.

Send your CV to our contact email address.