Applied Sciences journal publishes a brand new article on Parkinson’s Disease (PD) developed by the CEIEC

A research paper has been published in the Applied Sciences journal by Ana M. Maitin, member of the CEIEC research group, R. Perezzan, D. Herráez-Aguilar, the CSIC, and the research group of professor J. P. Romero Muñoz.
In this article, the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and the response to the dopaminergic medication are studied through the analysis of the Electroencephalogram of patients with PD, before and after the administration of levodopa, and healthy controls. The connectivity is studied by means of different parameters such as the correlation of the spectral entropy, the coherence and the interhemispheric divergence differences among patients with PD and controls. The results suggest that the brains of patients with PD exhibit a stronger connectivity that grows during motor activation, and the administration of levodopa mitigates this performance.
The paper can be found in this link.

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