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CEIEC organizes the first Datathon for students in the Computer Science Degree

During last 19th of October, CEIEC with the support of Avanade company organized a Datathon for the students in the Degree of Computer Science. The main objective was to introduced them in the world of Data Scientist. The opening was […]

Presentation at SIMBig international conference

From 5th till 7th of September, took place in city of Lima (Peru) SIMBig conference. Researchers like Ian Horrocks (Oxford University) or Andrei Brodei (Google) attended as keynote speakers. Alberto Nogales, postdoctoral researcher at CEIEC, presented a paper where a […]

CEIEC at conference SIMBig’18 in Lima (Perú)

CEIEC, represented by Alberto Nogales Moyano will assist at the 5th International Conference on Information Management and Big Data. In the event, it will be presented the paper “Ontology modeling of the Estonian Traffic Act for self-driving buses” in which […]

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"Emotions are enmeshed in the neural network of reason"

António Damásio

Research Areas

Serious Games

Non-ludic use of videogames for the improvement of learning processes (game-based learning)

Machine/Deep Learning

Intelligence extraction out of information (data) for strategic decision making.


Healthcare practice supported by ICT, specially focused in using Big Data and AI for diagnosis.

"A computer that is aware of what it is doing has not yet been designed; but, most of the time, we are not either"

Marvin Minsky


DARR (Data Analysis for Radiological Reports)