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CEIEC will participate in MammoEchoThermo research project

The CEIEC will be part of the consortium of the research project “Cost-effective breast cancer screening using mammography, ultrasound and thermography (MammoEchoThermo)”. This project is part of the national call “R + D + i Projects” and will be led […]

Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA)

The CEIEC research group participates in the Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages (LT4HALA) colocated with LREC 2020, one of the most important conferences on language resources. Our researchers Eva Martínez Garcia and Álvaro García Tejedor present […]

Data generation by combining Markov Chains and Word Embeddings

A new research paper has just been published by our researchers’ team, formed by Eva Martínez García, Alberto Nogales and Álvaro García Tejedor, in collaboration with Javier Morales, a UFV lecturer, and Avanade representative. The paper presents a method to […]

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"Emotions are enmeshed in the neural network of reason"

António Damásio

Research Areas

Serious Games

Non-ludic use of videogames and gamification techniques for inclussion and the improvement of learning processes.

Machine/Deep Learning

Development of neural models able to automatically learn from experience without being explicitly programmed.


AI Technologies that allow machines to perform clinical functions and prevent and solve healthcare problems.

"A computer that is aware of what it is doing has not yet been designed; but, most of the time, we are not either"

Marvin Minsky


DARR (Data Analysis for Radiological Reports)